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P3ProSwing: Most Accurate Golf Swing Analyzer

There are many Golf Simulators on the market, but none are quite like the P3ProSwing system.  The P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analyzer is unique in that it tracks your golf club's motion instead of tracking the golf ball.  Why is this important?  There's only one thing between you and the perfect shot - your golf swing.

With the P3ProSwing patented club taping system, you can get data that is 99.9% accurate.  When it comes to improving your swing, this is invaluable information for you, the golfer behind the golf club. 

P3ProSwing’s patented technology allows us to be the most accurate Golf Swing Analyzer on the market.  65 infrared optics, embedded in the durable grass top surface of the Golf Swing Analyzer, read information from every club swing no matter what club you use or at what speed you swing at.  These infrared optics turn on when you swing, over the sensor, and the detectors will detect the reflection from the club or reflective tape as soon as it passes over them.  The sheer number of optics and detectors allows the system to have exceptionally good swing data before, at, and after impact with the golf ball.  All of this swing data is computed and displayed in a user friendly console within the P3Proswing software.  This is the data that you see on your impact screen, TV, or monitor.

P3ProSwing’s Golf Swing Analyzers track your golf club, not the ball, as it moves over the sensor so you know exactly what your club is doing and how to adjust to improve your swing, every time.  You will be able to see data like your club head speed, club head face angle, club path, toe and heel height, and much more.  Get to the root of improving your game by improving your swing year round in your own Indoor Golf Simulator studio.

The most trusted sports training aids aren’t flashy apps.  Our focus is on accuracy and quality, not entertainment.  If you want something for swing improvement at an unbeatable price point, the P3ProSwing is it.  Contact us today to find out which Golf Simulator package is the right fit for you.

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